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Local Artist Pottery Sale! Saturday, April 29th, 10am-6pm

Mark your calendars, pottery-lovers! There will be a special one-day MOTHER’S DAY POTTERY SALE at RosenSpace, featuring work by local ceramic artists, on Saturday, April 29th from 10-6pm. Free admission; cash payments preferred.

Functional work such as mugs, plates, bowls and vases will be available.
Participating artists will include: Susan DePaulis, Cheyenne Mallo, Rachel Dubicki, Susan Siegrist, Lora Shelley, Terri Ritter and Karin Smith-Spanier.

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*NEW* Rosendale Seniors Conversation Club – Sundays, 11-noon



There’s a new FREE weekly meeting starting up at RosenSpace, tailor-made for seniors eager for structured discussions around a wide range of cultural & social topics!

Visit to RSVP and for more information, or phone Shaun at 845-658-3129.

The Rosendale Seniors Conversation Club Club is being organized by Shaun Johnston, a senior and resident of Rosendale for 30 years.  “We seniors have more life experience to draw on, and can remember back to when all our conversations were face to face. We’ll explore various ways to carry on conversations, and practice how to make it a richer experience. At the same time we’ll make friends, and build community, helping everyone. “

Following the Club meeting, participants are welcome to continue their conversations with Shaun over lunch at the Rosendale Cafe.

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Tuesday, December 1st (7-8:30 pm): FREE Talk: Astrological Trends for an Unsettled Political Season

dtrumpeclipseSo… It’s safe to say that it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for the US, this past month!

Following a bitterly contested election season, an unexpected victory by Donald J. Trump and his conservative allies has entirely re-defined the political landscape, leaving many to wonder: where do we go from here?

Join Stephanie Regner (Astrology with Stephanie) to analyze the current socio-political climate through the symbolic lens of astrology.

What energies & perspectives drive the President Elect and certain key members of his Cabinet, and how do these mesh with the people of the United States as a “body politic”? What can we expect, collectively and personally, of some major planetary trends over the next few months & years (including the so-called “Great American Eclipse” of August 2017) ?

The 45 min tak will be followed by light refreshments, and the opportunity to sit with Stephanie for an on-the- spot “mini chart reading” , to give you a flavor for what a full reading could provide. (BIrth date, time and location required; $5.00 per person)

Open to astrologers and non-astrologers alike, and people of all political persuasions!