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Heart of Winter in RosenSpace! Saturday, Feb. 9

Come celebrate the “Heart of Winter“ on Rosendale’s Main Street, Saturday, February 9! Festivities kick off at RosenSpace with a Local Artist Gift Sale and “Paint Your Heart’s Desire” Valentine-decorating workshop (12-5 pm). A Potter on Main Street will be hosting an open house and free bowl-decorating workshop (1-5 pm, 430 Main Street). At 2 pm, brush up on the Oscar roster at 408 Main Street, with the Rosendale Theatre Collective’s matinee screening of 2019 Oscar-Nominated Live Action Short Films. And to round off the afternoon, check out Rosendale Waxworks and their drop-in “Ember of Sunlight “ lantern-making and poetry workshop. (3-5 pm, 415 Main Street).

At sunset, a short candle-lit procession will head from the Waxworks to the Keator Ave Bridge, pausing along the way for brief bonfire & musical interludes at Soiled Dovesthe Garden House,  Vision of Tibet, Soy Restaurant, and Nettle And Violet.

Still chilly after all the walking and singing? Head on over to the The 1850 House Inn & Tavern for a special “Fire and Ice” cocktail selection, or to the Rosendale Café at 434 Main Street for a hearty winter soup!

For more information about about “Heart of Winter” activities in Rosendale, visit the Rosendale Heart of Winter Facebook page, or contact RosenSpace (845-853-0733/ )

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