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Talk: Letting the Lion Roar! Astrological Insights on the “Great American Eclipse” of August 21, 2017 (Saturday, August 19th, 5-7 pm)


Two eclipses will be taking place during the month of August – a partial lunar eclipse during the Full Moon on August 7th, and a total solar eclipse on the New Moon of August 21st. This upcoming Solar Eclipse, happening in the sign of Leo, belongs to Saros eclipse series 145 and has been dubbed the “Great American Eclipse”. It will be visible from coast to coast to coast across the US and likely viewed by more people than any other eclipse in human history, due to its path, which will cut through the midsection of the United States and include several major urban centers.

In this talk, we will discuss the basic astronomical setup of eclipses, but will mainly focus on their astrological symbolism – in particular, some noteworthy links between the August 21 eclipse, and the charts of the USA and world leaders (Leo – the sign of the Lion – is a traditional signifier for royalty, heads of state, and related issues regarding the governance of nations). Following this presentation, we will have an opportunity to briefly study participants’ natal charts to see what area of their lives the energy of this solar eclipse might affect.

$5.00 per person (including light refreshments)

Note: Birth date & time needed for accurate individual chart analysis.

Talk presented by Stephanie Regner (Astrology with Stephanie) –  For more information: visit my website or Facebook page



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