Art Show

Artist Exhibit: Brendan Mullally – Studies in Water and Ice (Sunday Aug. 6 & 20)

Opening: Sunday, August 6th, 2-6 pm
Meet the Artist! Sunday, August 20th, 1-5 pm

“Merging mirrored images of ice seems to open a window to a hidden dimension where other worldly creatures and deities emerge to tell their tale. As the two halves integrate, new worlds formulate. When I find one I want to visit, I freeze that moment so the window can remain open forever, beckoning a viewer to climb in and explore.” – Brendan Mullally

Visit RosenSpace in August to discover a unique photography collection created by local artist Brendan Mullally!

A wintry walk in Minnewaska State Park, and a friend’s chance discovery of evocative patterns within a frozen puddle, inspired Brendan to start chasing ice and manipulating the reflected images into photo art. The final products are the result of merging mirrored images in Photoshop.These images are organic – all of the colors are already hidden in the ice; Brendan simply pulls them out.

The August 6th exhibit will open right after the Rosendale Mermaid parade that’s taking place from 1-2 pm  (in keeping with the day’s aquatic theme 😉 )

Brendan himself will be present to discuss his work at the exhibit closing on Sunday, August 20th, from 1-5 pm.

For more information on Brendan Mullally’s photography collection, visit:

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