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*NEW* Rosendale Seniors Conversation Club – Sundays, 11-noon



There’s a new FREE weekly meeting starting up at RosenSpace, tailor-made for seniors eager for structured discussions around a wide range of cultural & social topics!

Visit to RSVP and for more information, or phone Shaun at 845-658-3129.

The Rosendale Seniors Conversation Club Club is being organized by Shaun Johnston, a senior and resident of Rosendale for 30 years.  “We seniors have more life experience to draw on, and can remember back to when all our conversations were face to face. We’ll explore various ways to carry on conversations, and practice how to make it a richer experience. At the same time we’ll make friends, and build community, helping everyone. “

Following the Club meeting, participants are welcome to continue their conversations with Shaun over lunch at the Rosendale Cafe.

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